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    Highly active polyisobutylene (LS-1000, LS-1300, LS-2300) is mainly used in production of ashless dispersants, gasoline cleaners, emulsion explosives and rust inhibitors.

    Other marks of polyisobutylene (LS-1700, LS-3300) are mainly used in adhesives, tackifiers, rust inhibitors, lubricant production.

    Polyisobutene, PIB, or polyisobutylene are names used to describe a group of organic polymers that are manufactured by polymerizing isobutene. Most polymers of this chemical adhere to the following formula: Me3C[CH2CMe2]nX, where Me stands for CH3 and X stands for H or F. Under most conditions, PIB appears as a clear solid material with a gummy consistency. 

    Uses of polyisobutene

    The uses of PIB depend on its molecular weight. If the molecular weight of the molecules that comprise the material is around 500, it’s usually used as a plasticizer. At the same time, polyisobutene that has a medium to high molecular weight of up to 20,000 is usually used as an ingredient in commercial adhesives. In addition to this, the material is used in the production of tires, sealants, chewing gum, paper, and chemicals used in agriculture. 

    Safety of polyisobutene

    Generally, PIB is considered to be safe. The chemical can be used in skincare products, cosmetics, and it’s even safe to ingest in large amounts. In addition to this, PIB doesn’t cause irritation when it comes into contact with skin or eyes. 


    [Total: 2 Average: 5]
    CharacteristicsLS-1000LS-1300LS-1700LS-2300LS-3300 Method
    Exterior Colorless transparent gum
    Kinematic viscosity (100°C) / (mm2/s) 210439 63315385162GB/T 265
    Chromaticity (Hazen) 3030303030GB/T 3143
    Density (20°C) /(kg/m3) 879873872880879GB/T 13354
    Volatility (105°C)/ %1.280.780.610.180.05GB/T 24131
    Flash point / °C 204209-213- GB/T 3536
    Molecular weight900-11001200-1400 1500-19001900-25003000-3600GB/T 21863
    Distribution Width Index 21863
    α -olefin content / % 88.687.8 -82.4-NB/SH/T 0927-2016