We supply ethylene-propylene copolymers

Ethylene-propylene copolymers are synthetic elastomers with a wide range of useful properties, from resistance in aggressive environments to high physical and mechanical properties of vulcanizates. This allowed us to find hundreds and even thousands of applications for EPDM and EPM rubbers - from the production of roofing materials to use for improving the viscosity index of motor oils.

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JIlin Longshun supplies EPDM and EPM rubbers directly from leading manufacturers. We guarantee top-quality service and on-time delivery.


Our advantages:

    • – High-quality products – we source our products from the best manufacturers in China to ensure premium quality.
    • – Fast delivery – we use fast and efficient shipping methods to deliver orders on time.
    • – Hundreds of satisfied clients – we have successfully fulfilled thousands of orders since our company was founded in 2018.
    • – Low prices – we keep costs low to offer the best prices on our products to customers.

Major Industrial Applications of Rubber

Major Industrial Applications of Rubber

Automobile Industry

The automotive and automobile industry is a fast-advancing on a worldwide basis...

Major Industrial Applications of Rubber

Construction Industry

Construction Industry is an most important aspect of the growth of any country's...

Major Industrial Applications of Rubber

Medical Industry

This medical industry as a whole consists of units mainly engaged in manufacturi...

Major Industrial Applications of Rubber

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is an industry involved in the production of chemicals...

Major Industrial Applications of Rubber

Printing & Paper Industry

The printing & paper industry is a diverse industry as it includes different products that bear some form of printing...

Major Industrial Applications of Rubber

Petroleum Industry

The petroleum industry plays a very important role in the economic and political scenario of the world.

Our clients:

    • Manufacturers of oils used in the automotive industry
    • Manufacturers of rubber products all over the world
    • Lubricant and fuel manufacturers

JILIN LONGSHUN IMPORT AND EXPORT TRADING CO., LTD offers the best prices on EPM, EPDM, PID, CSM, and more. All products we supply are manufactured according to international standards to ensure the highest quality.

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